School places

Tomorrow parents up and down the country will be finding out which school their children will be attending for reception. When I received my letter last year I felt as though nothing in my life could go more wrong.

Elizabeth had not only not been given a place at the school she was attending for nursery but she didn’t actually have a place anywhere. Even after appealing she was still not given a place. When she was diagnosed with Leukemia in August it put things into perspective. Not getting the school you want might seem like a dreadful thing but the school you have been given might be even better and you just don’t know it yet.

We were lucky to be given a place at the school she now attends and I am so glad that we did. Not only were they amazing about taking Alison into the nursery 4 months early whilst Elizabeth was still an inpatient but they have supported and helped every step of the way. I have been a chaperone on school trips to help Elizabeth cope. I have been given the opportunity to volunteer in the school (pending CRB checks) and as a family we have been given the chance to work with a school that really does respect the individual and treat them accordingly.

The school she attends wasn’t even on our short list but if I was to write that list again just a year later it would be right at the top. I have the school letters to look forward to next year but for now Alison will be moving from nursery 1 to nirsery 2 in September and life will continue as normal