Technological advances

As I sit on my high speed tilting train that allows me to cover over 200 miles in just over 2 hours whilst working on my laptop computer and using my smart phone to send emails I began to think about what life would have been like if technology had stopped advancing.

Go back 30 years to when I was born and look at the cameras and tvs that were available, look at the kitchen gadgets and the cars. In fact even look at the clothes and the baby products. Everything around us has progressed so much since I was born.

I couldn’t imagine how my Mum coped with me being the youngest of four children all born within 5 years. Pushchairs back then were death traps and car seats were virtually unheard off. Many times during my childhood do I remember sitting in the boot of the car in between the suitcases and the dogs as we went down the motorway on holiday.

It seems that we have all become far to reliant on technological advances and as I sat in the first class lounge at Manchester Piccadilly just an hour ago listening to a man having a phone call about getting the latest and greatest smart phone I wondered how we would cope if we went back in time and got rid of it all.

Even the simple cooker, a staple product in all homes has progressed so much. Starting with the fact that fire actually made food taste nicer and warmed it up to the point in time were we turn a switch and then food is ready.

What other amazing technological advances can you think off?

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