The Croods Prehistoric Party!


Who has had their fill of party games for their home consoles?  Well here is another one using the licence for the film “The Croods”.  Now when the family went to watch this film at the cinema we really enjoyed everything about it.  So much so that when the girls saw the game for the DS, we had to get hold of a copy.

In all there are 7 playable characters from the film and 30 mini games to choose from.  You can either play one mini game at a time or start a tournament stringing lots of mini games together.  Depending on how well you play depends on the points you are awarded.  This will affect your final standings when playing in the tournament mode.  The mini games are short and use simple controls to play along.  The one mini game that sticks out for me was the “head butting popcorn” game.  I would advise that children playing this game would need to be able to read in order to follow the instructions given before starting each mini game.  It was the same situation when we bought the girls a Shrek carnival game for the Wii.  The mini games are nothing that I haven’t seen before so the only appeal would be the Crood element.

For the DS or 3DS versions you will be spending up to £20, which I think is a lot for a one player experience.  If your children absolutely love the Croods, then I would recommend the Wii version. This will allow more people to take part, thereby giving players more fun competing against friends or family.  Also the Wii version is cheaper to buy, currently on Amazon for £15.