Holidays are coming!

Are you one of those people who wait until December to start buying Christmas presents or do you start getting organised around now?

I am one of the latter, although we won’t be getting the girls many presents this Christmas and certainly not any toys I do want them to have a variety of things to open on Christmas morning. I have started look at some alternative more grown up gifts that the girls would still enjoy.

I was looking on the Best Gift Company website in the Gifts for kids section and I saw some fabulous watches which I think can make a great present, especially for Elizabeth. I was also thinking about something a bit different too.

I was looking at Red Ted Art again today and I think I might even try and make some presents for the girls. Maggy recently posted about a fabulous craft box which you can pull together from lots of shops to make one amazing gift. Both of the girls are really into their crafts and I think something like this could make a fantastic shared present.

Other ideas we are thinking about are days out vouchers like tickets to go and see Disney on Ice Dare to Dream straight after Christmas or maybe even some sort of voucher book to be used throughout the year for extra stories, a trip to the park or some one on one time. We are also looking at getting a very large box filled with helium balloons, bubble wrap and a bubble machine, four of the girls favourite things in one present.

There are all sorts of gifts you can give a child at Christmas that doesn’t involve the latest plastic toy with the most annoying advert jingle. This year we will be focusing on those sorts of presents and resisting all urges to buy the stuff we would normally buy.