Taking the Monkeys to the Zoo

With Elizabeth still feeling really good despite being in week two of this chemotherapy block we decided to go against what everyone else up and down the country was doing. Rather than stay in warm and cosy we wrapped up and jumped on the motorway up to Blackpool Zoo. Thanks to MoneySupermarket.com we had a voucher for a family day out at the zoo. It expires tomorrow so we thought we had better use it whilst we could

I love going to the zoo during the winter especially if it has been snowing. Not only does everything look so amazing in the snow but it is always quiet and you really get to stop and observe the animals without having to rush because someone is behind you trying to see. We had such a great day that I wanted to share it with you in a way that I hope is a little more interesting.

I have written this post as part of the Tots100 and Moneysupermarket.com competition to find Britains Best Day out. I am in for a chance to win £2000. Wish me luck.