Where the hell is he?

Three days, three bloody days he has been missing.

Not a noise or a clue in sight.

I mean he has escaped before, he is like a houdini but he has never been gone this long.

We usually know where he is hiding, he has his favourite spots.

Inside the hole he chewed in the lovely new sofas, under the tv cabinet, in the toy boxes or in the carrier bag holder in the kitchen. We have searched and searched but he is not there.

He is getting old so I am only hope he has not decided to curl up somewhere in the house and die, I keep expecting to see him run across the floor but no luck yet.

We have already had the unfortunate passing of our dear old friend Rusty. He was soon replaced by Billy but Dusty has been getting slower. It will be his time soon but I would rather he died in his bed not behind the bookcase or somewhere equally hard to get too.

I don’t think I am ready for another upset in this house so where ever you are Dusty we really want you to come out, we will even give you a treat.