Getting moving with the Mobility scheme 

Life has just got a lot easier. I am sure you remember when we made the decision that we couldnt afford to run our car anymore well the last three months have been quite trying where transport is concerned and I am glad that we have finally got our new car. We got a Ford Focus Estate 1.6 diesel and it in a pleasure to drive. I keep thinking of things that I need to do just so I can take the car for a spin. I just hope that this snow doesn’t get too bad as I really want to take it onto the motorway tomorrow.

There is no way we would have been able to afford any car, let alone this one,  if it wasn’t for the mobility scheme. For the full higher rate mobility part of Elizabeth’s DLA we have been able to get a new car that is taxed, insured, MOTed and serviced. In fact all we have to pay extra for in the next three years is our fuel. Everything else is included even tyres and windscreens. Our insurance on our old rubbish car cost more than this car will cost us in a month.

There is not much that the government gets right but the Mobility scheme is definitely one of them.