Taking part

As i dropped of Peter Pan and The Highway Rat this morning I was taken back by the lack of participation at the girls school. Last year Elizabeth attended a different school, we walked into the play ground and it was filled with princesses, super heroes and book characters from all sorts of books. Today was a different story.

As I approached the school I had the dreadful feeling that I had my days wrong. There was a football match being played and all but two were in their school uniform. My fear got worse as I went around to the younger children’s play ground. I could see teachers in Alison’s nursery but they were not dressed up. We watched as family after family came into the play ground with none of the children in costume. The children looking longingly at the girls in their outfits and face paints.

I know that buying costumes can be expensive but you don’t have to buy them. Alison is wearing green, something that she has plenty of in her wardrobe and a cheap Peter Pan hat. Elizabeth is wearing her costume from last year. Different school same costume no one is the wiser. There is so many costumes you can make from your own clothes with a little bit of thought.

All of the reception teachers were in costume and it was brilliant. Elizabeth’s teachers had co-ordinated so he was the big bad wolf and the teaching assistant was Little Red Riding Hood. About half of Elizabeth’s class were dressed up and maybe a quarter of Alison’s. I think it is sad that the parents didn’t think it was important to take part in such a great school tradition and I feel sad for the children who are at school in their uniform because the parents couldn’t be bothered. I remember going to school in my uniform one day when it was dress down. I just forgot but I felt awful all day.

Our school were asking for a £1 voluntary donation to dress up. Is that why people didn’t dress up? I know that there are parents in our area who can’t afford new school uniform or school shoes. I know there are parents who cant afford to send their children on school trips. Our school knows that, they subsidize everything and every payment is voluntary. they even give each child a free school jumper so that the parents don’t have to pay for them. 

I hope that the school continues to do dress up days but I also hope they find some way to help the children who aren’t dressed up. I am going back into the school later, with my face paints. I will make those children feel just as special and I wilhelp turn them into some fabulous characters.