Fashion help!

If you ask any of my friends or family you will find out just how awful my taste in clothes is. I don’t follow fashion and usually just wear exactly the same thing no matter what the weather. Unfortunately living in Manchester means that when it comes to spring means lots of rain and I do not want to be doing the school run in just a hoody like I did last year.

I am in desperate need for a coat. It needs to be warm enough that I don’t have to wear a hoody underneath it and dry enough that the Manchester constant drizzle won’t soak it through. My problem however is that all the coats available at the moment seem to be fashionable. Lots of thin looking jackets in white and various shades of white. Not really very me.

I found a few quilted jackets in John Lewis. Although quilted jackets are fashionable the black ones still look acceptable to my non fashion following wardrobe.

Which of these do you think I should get?

Or maybe this purple one?
I still have a John Lewis voucher from last year to spend so need to find something.