Spending £750 on a big night in.

Writing this post had two challenges for me. Firstly I am far too tight to be able to spend £750 on one night in and secondly I cant remember the last time we had a good night in.

It got me thinking about what makes a great night in for me and it automatically came down to friends. We have lots of fantastic friends that we don’t see very often and so I would love to get them all together for the evening. We love having dinner parties but with 8 very close friends plus us we would need a really big dining table and four extra chairs. We would also like to keep the kids busy so a tv dvd player for Elizabeth’s room will keep them out of our hair.

With £600 of the budget gone the last £150 would go towards making a fantastic meal for all of us.

We love cooking from scratch and with ten of us it is always a good idea to cook a banquet type meal. Two of our friends are vegan so we can make a few fantastic vegan curries and even make our own vegan roti. With a variety of curries and accompaniments and a good selection of  wines to go with it I know we can have a fantastic time.


Poppadoms and chutneys
Onion Bhaji

Main Course

Saag Dhal
Chicken tikka masala
vegetable balti
Keema Jalfrezi
Bombay potatoes

Side Dishes

Pilau rice
Naan Bread
Vegan Roti

We don’t really do desserts as we all end up eating far too much food but we would definitely need a selection of Red, White and Rose wine. The chilled gallo summer red we reviewed goes really well with a curry and is very popular with my friends. With ten of us drinking we would need to save some of the budget for peoples taxi’s to get home again but I am sure we can just about stretch it that far.

Sometimes the best time you can have is a simple one, good food, good friends and good wine.