Autumn holidays

All the talk about the Holiday I won had me thinking, why do people go away during the made rush of the summer holidays?

The weather in the UK was amazing this summer and yet people were still booking holidays to exotic locations chasing after even more fun. I hate super busy holidays so the idea of peak time in a holiday resort is enough to make me cringe.

Our last holiday abroad was to Lanzarote in 2009 and that was in November. This holiday will be in October. I think winter sun holidays not only give you the chance to get away from the awful weather but to also enjoy the facilities at a quieter time.

I think that the October half term holiday is the perfect time to jet away for some sunshine and you can great some great holiday deals at places like as well as picking up some holiday clothes in the sales.

With the governments new laws about taking the kids out of school and one third of parents saying they will still go during term time it is definitely worth trying to save some pennies somewhere.

Holidays are so expensive and after buying two lots of holiday insurance in the last month I am really beginning to see how expensive they can get. Thankfully I used a price comparison site on mine and managed to save myself a fair few pounds which convert to even more euros to spend on beer.

As I said earlier I have not been abroad for years so I have no idea how much everything costs. I have been trying to find out so I can work out how many Euros to take with us. I suppose the most important cost is how much is a pint of beer? If you have been to Greece or more specifically Kos recently I would love to know some basic prices from you.

We are very excited and I promise not to write about it too much before we go but you might want to stay clear of my social media feeds whilst I am there or I may make you jealous with all my gorgeous pictures of lovely views like this one.

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