Something Special Twitter Party

Thursday 12th September saw my house become all spotty as we took part in the Something special Twitter Party. We invited a few of the girls friends to come and join in the party.
We made homemade pizzas, cheese and tomato swirls and Something special cup cakes.

Add to that the spotty jelly, circle shaped crisps and the Mr Tumble cake and the food definitely was something special! I know its a dreadful joke.

We started off with some colouring sheets. Making our own bowties and colouring in Mr tumble pictures using the crayons we received in the box. You can download some colouring sheets from the UKMumsTV Website.

The kids loved playing with the Mr Tumble Stick on felts which was judged the best toy for all ages.

We played lots of party games including Stick the nose of Mr Tumble, the Spotty bag memory game and pass the parcel.

All of the children loved winning the prizes. We shared out the toys between the children to take home leaving us with just one set of Stick on felts and Mr Tumbles Spotty Bag which Elizabeth claimed for herself.

The toys in this picture are all from the Golden Bear Something Special range. All of the products were popular with the children with the large cuddly Mr Tumble popular with the older children and the younger ones liking the interactive Mr Tumble. The pick and match cards were easy to play and all of the children enjoyed looking at them.

The Spotty bag and stick on felts were definitely the favourites for all of the children and I would highly recommend them for all Something Special fans as well as the Something Special CD.