Getting school shoes fitted from Clarks

Its just ten weeks until the girls go back to school! Have I said that already?

To be fair it is starting to freak me out. I love having the girls at home and handing them back to the state educational system can go either way. They will either love it or hate it. One thing they are loving is all the new things they are being bought, even if they are not allowed to wear them until September.

With the annual rush on school uniform I have taken the opportunity to get in early and took the girls shopping last week where we headed to Clarks to get their feet measured and fitted for new school shoes. Clarks kindly gave me a £40 voucher which covered the cost of Elizabeths shoes so I only had to pay for Alisons.

Arriving in the kids shoes area it was not immediately evident that I had to get myself a number and it took a while before I realised I need one to get seen. Luckily it was not that busy so we were soon being served by a lovely young lady.

With Elizabeth requiring inserts in her shoes to help strengthen ligaments damaged by her chemotherapy we were limited by what shoes she could shoes and I was a little disappointed that the girls shoes all seem very strappy with no real support. However we found a pair that both Elizabeth and I agreed on and we set about getting her feet measured.

In Clarks they use electronic measures which requires an ipad. The children select a character and input their age. The characters Daisy and Jack have their own line of shoes for the kids to choose from. Elizabeth obviously selected Daisy the girl, whilst Alison selected Jack the boy, I cant say I was surprised really. The lady then used a device to measure the width of their feet. Elizabeth came out at a 12.5 G and Alison 10 G.
To no surprise Alison had already chosen her favourite shoes from the boy section so she was quickly fitted with them and proceeded to race around the shop “testing” them out. She selected a pair called Wing Lite which feature an airplane motif with trainee pilot written on it and red and green flashing lights. I wasn’t sure whether these would be suitable for school until I saw that they came with an on/off button. They are fastened with Velcro so will be easy for her to put on herself which is great for her independence.
Although Elizabeth was measured as 12.5 with the addition of her inserts it was agreed that she should be moved up to a 13. The shoes she chose were the Daisy Gleam which are fastened with velcro and as they are Daisy shoes they featured hidden compartments on the inside. The two compartments contained parts to make a toy car which is reminiscent of those you get in kinder eggs. In the Daisy shoe box  were some stickers and also details on downloading a free app using the code printed on the bottom of the car. None of these interested Elizabeth as she selected her shoes based on design not novelty items.
Clarks shoes are definitely at the higher price point when it comes to school shoes but I hope that this will shine through on quality and endurance. Lets just hope that come Christmas I wont need to buy any more.