Shouting about Klouting!

It seems that little old me is now the leader of a secret Klout ring, we hide in the shadows K+ing each other with our limited K+’s.

Oh For Fuck Sack I wish people would stop being so suspicious and just chill the fuck out.

Tots 100 announced this week that they are changing their metrics for many of us this meant it was about time we stopped moaning about how crap our scores were and started doing something about it. I spent the afternoon yesterday getting website authority and submitted site maps. It was absolutely thrilling I can tell you.

Then I popped over to have a look at SEOMoz and got completely baffled, jumped over to Kred and saw the same stuff I can see on all my social media and then finally landed on Klout.

I vagely remembered setting up an account many moons ago and being K+’d by people. I didnt know what it meant so I ignored it, sent all notifcations to my junk folder and carried on with my life. Yesterday I decided to have a look at what Klout is all about but I couldnt find anyone apart from my influencers (not quite sure how they influence me but there you go). I asked some blogging friends for their Klout profiles and then starting sharing my very limited k+ with them. Other people joined in and we all got lovely and happy that people thought we had Klout in penguins or Dora or maybe even in Blogging or Parenting.

But oh no people don’t like it when we like each other. We must stop at once.

Step away from the computer

Do not comment on anyones blog posts

Do not RT a tweet

Do not like a facebook post

You never know you might be part of a ring of co-conspirators trying to steal all the Klout/RT’s/Likes/ Comments from everyone else.

Get a life, go find something else to moan about or why not join in and send some k+ love to some bloggers you know.

P.s. I received 10 +’s yesterday and my score went down. Do I care? Not one bit. Will I continue to show bloggers that I appreciate them by using Klout? Yes I will.

If you would like some Klout please leave your profile in my comments and I will see if I am feeling generous.