A New Look?

With the pounds coming off thanks to my Slimming world diet I had to have a hunt through my clothes this morning to find some jeans that fit me. It made me realise that apart from buying really basic vest tops, jumpers and jeans I have not bought myself something nice to wear for ages. Most of the time I rely on grabbing a new pair of jeans from the supermarket when i do my food shopping.

It has been far too long since I actually went shopping and tried on clothes but now both of the girls are in school I might have more of a chance. The problem is I don’t have any taste in clothes and would just end up buying the same boring outfits I always wear and getting annoyed at all the fashionable clothes taking up all of the rail space in the shops.

One thing I definitely need is a nice pair of knee high boots. I have been walking around in converse and trainers for far too long now and no-one feels amazing about how they look when their footwear screams lazy.

So do I go for a look I am comfortable in?

Or try to dress in the fashion of my neighbourhood?