Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

To infinity and beyond!!

You know you are on to a winner with a toy when you struggle to get it from the kids so you can take a photo. I do most of my blogging when the girls have gone to bed which has meant it has been hard to review Buzz. Alison stole him away and would not give him back. She slept with him, she ate with him and she played with him constantly. Today I was home along so I snuck off to have a play and no wonder she doesnt want to share.

Buzz Lightyear Total Control is fab. He responds to movement and knows if he is flying through the air or standing up. He also told me off because my landing was not very gentle when I was trying to stand him up for his photo.

Alison is a big Toy Story fan and this is the best Buzz Lightyear toy I have ever seen. More like the original in the film and with lots of great interaction and features it is a fabulous toy that she will love for a long time.

Special thanks to online shopping site Littlewoods for sending Buzz to us to cheer up Elizabeth. She is happy to see her little sister happy plus it keeps her away from her Moshi Monsters apparently.