Being Brave

Its been a few days since I wrote on here, mainly because there hasn’t been much to write about. Each day seems to merge into the next with the endless cycles of medicines, blood tests and taking Elizabeth’s Temperature.

Elizabeth is now Elizabeth and not Beth, Bethy or Liz (stupid doctors). She is very adamant about this and keeps telling me off when I refer to her as Beth so still as opinionated and bossy as normal.

Her blood cultures came back and she has a mild infection which isn’t causing her any problems and as soon as they placed her on the correct antibiotics it is disappearing nicely. Her blood results are starting to show signs of healthy recovery so the consultant has said if they continue like this tomorrow we should be home for the weekend. Unfortunately her neutrophils will still not have recovered so we wont be able to have visitors but I think a few days of normality should do the whole family some good.

Elizabeth’s hair has been falling out over the last few days and today she made the brave decision to let me cut it. Brave in two respects, first actually admitting it is falling out so cutting it is best and secondly because I have never cut hair before and all I had was some office scissors. I think short hair actually suits her and she looks so cute and grown up with it cut in this style. I just wish someone else had done the cutting as it is a truly awful cut.