Settling into a new normality

Isn’t it amazing how soon something becomes normal?

We have been home for just over a week and already me and Elizabeth have settled into a great routine. On the days we don’t have to go into hospital we have a lie in, we lounge around in our pjs and then we rush to get dressed to go and pick up Alison from school. Ok its very lazy but i kind of like it.

It is quite hard to think that I wont be able to work for the next few years but I know how much Elizabeth needs me and as soon as we start getting Disability Living Allowance then I can stop worrying about our finances. Not that we will have anywhere near the amount of money we would have if I was working but at least we will have something coming in.

We have decided to get rid of our car as well now. It costs us so much money over the space of a month and we don’t really use it that much. The car insurance alone is over £200 and when you add in petrol, tax and maintenance it soon increases. I do tend to get a bit lazy and go on the school run with it but really the school is easily in walking distance and with us having a double pushchair I don’t have to worry about the girls getting tired. We tend to only use the car to go to the supermarket which is on our bus route or to go to the hospital. The hospital isn’t on a bus route but a taxi wouldn’t cost much to get there so even if I do that it would still have us a lot of money. Our one concern is when we go on holidays to visit family or to go to Butlins but we could just hire a car for those trips. I wonder how it will feel to be without a car. Its been a long time but I am sure we will get used to it and it will certainly make our bank balances a lot happier.

Watching the pennies is now even more a part of our life than ever before but that isn’t a bad thing and really it has just prompted us to make the savings that we should have been making anyway.