Lego Amusement Park Roller Coaster 41130

The Amusement Park Roller Coaster set 41130 is the largest of a series of LEGO Friends Amusement Park sets. It has the two biggest rides, the Roller Coaster and Big Wheel, as well a Drop Tower Ride, park entrance, ice cream stand and park map, plus 4 of the LEGO Friends – Emma, Andrea, Matthew and Naya.


This is a really big play set which has some quite technically difficult construction, so the suggested age range of 8-12+ may be a bit old, but not much. Once built it stays together nicely, so younger children can definitely play with it, even if they can’t build it themselves.


Every theme park needs a ticket booth and turnstile entrance, and to start your day some food from the Popcorn Cart (every child’s essential before they go on a roller coaster). These are really neatly done and both work very well (although my children think the popcorn is ice cream), but they are obviously overshadowed by the stars of the show – the rides.


The Roller Coaster is really big, taking up a huge space around 55cm x 35cm. LEGO say the track is 71cm long, but I’m inclined to think that’s probably underestimating. The track works well and the hand-powered roller coaster stays on the rails almost all of the time – passing several different trackside features as it goes round.


There’s a space theme, and as the roller coaster goes past, doors open, and spaceships and planets move.


The entrance to the Roller Coaster is something special. A lovely set of gates to line up and wait your turn, plus the all-important control panel for the ride operator.



Inside the front carriage is a switch which is triggered when you seat a minifigure in the Roller Coaster- turning on the headlight. It works really well and looks brilliant in the light or the dark. These are the kind of details that make LEGO special, and bring the park to life.


The Roller Coaster even has the essential photo opportunity, and you can buy your photos at the entrance turnstile (naturally)…


As well as the Roller Coaster we have 2 extra working rides. The Drop Tower Ride has a great use of the  ‘twirly stick’ element, and the way the seats are designed is really neat and makes it very easy to seat your figures – and they stay put.



My favourite ride in this set is the Ferris Wheel. Again impressively big at over 31cm high with 6 swinging gondolas, it spins really easily and fluidly, giving a very satisfactory experience.


It’s easy to overlook some of the accessories in this set, but in the ‘dining area’ there are some gorgeous slices of watermelon on a 1/4 circle tile – and hot dog buns!


One of the nicest and neatest sections is the park map. Such a simple addition, which doesn’t take up much space or use many elements (although they are printed) but massive value for play and authenticity, and it looks great.


Overall the Amusement Park is a really nice set. It is lovely to build, and fairly easy with each section building separately. The rides all work well, and the space within the Roller Coaster is ample for several rides if you wish, while still being able to play with them.

There are too many unique elements to list, mainly printed, and it’s really nice to see the old LEGO Space elements brought back out for the space themed coaster.


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster set 41130 has 1124 pieces and is recommended for age 8-12+. Priced £89.99 and available to buy now, including online at the LEGO Shop, where you can also collect bonus points. For design, playability and as a shelf model it’s well worth it, and easy to see why it’ll be one of the top toys this Christmas.

Written by Jenny from TheBrickCastle

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