School Reviewer can help you choose the best school for your kids

The kids have only just gone back to school and already parents around the country are thinking about the next step. Whether you need to apply for a reception place or a place at a secondary school the School Reviewer can help. It is also the ideal place to help your kids to get ahead.

Just last week a parent of a child in Alison’s class asked me if we had started to think about the SATs tests. Alison has just started year two and will be taking the key stage one SAT tests later in the school year. I hadn’t even thought about it seems that some parents are already worrying about how to give their kids the best chance to pass. Now as far as I am concerned worrying about the Key Stage One SATs is going a bit too far but if you have kids who will be taking the Key Stage Two SATs or GCSEs then the School Reviewer website could be the perfect place for you.

School Reviewer

The School Reviewer website includes free access to video tutorials on how to pass each of the Key Stage Two SATs questions as well as a low-cost yearly access to the GCSE questions too. The video tutorials show how to gain every single mark possible out of a question so even if you have a child who is brilliant at mathematics they could still gain extra marks by watching the videos and seeing all of the stages of working that need to be shown to gain 100% marks on the tests.

The School Reviewer isn’t just about the video tutorials, it also has a whole section that allows you to read up on the schools in your area and even check the catchment areas for different schools. You can access the full Ofsted report, read reviews left by other parents and see the academic results for the last few years. This would have been really useful when I was choosing which schools to put on the girl’s applications and certainly something to consider if you will be filling those in this year.

school reviewer

The site is full of useful information that can help you find the right school for you and when they are there it can help them to do the best they could possibly do.

Let me know if you use the site and how you got on, especially if you are about to choose schools for your kids starting in reception or moving up to secondary school.

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