Celebrate Mexican Independence day with Santa Maria

Did you know that tomorrow is Mexican independence Day? Mexican Independence Day is a fun packed fiesta packed with fantastic food, music, family and friends and to help us celebrate we were sent a selection of Santa Maria products.

Santa Maria

My girls love eating Mexican food  especially anything served in a tortilla wrap but they have never had Tacos before so I decided that this was the perfect opportunity. It was so quick and easy to cook using the Santa Maria Taco flavour sachet and the taco shells were quick to warm up in the oven. The girls really enjoyed making  their own tacos and adding lettuce, cucumber, and cheese on to the top. Next time I will also remember salsa and sour cream just to add additional options.

Santa Maria

I find that the best way to get the kids interested in eating food from different cultures is to find a way to get them interested. To introduce Tacos we watched the Lego Movie on Monday night and I asked them if they would like Tacos on Taco Tuesday. Straight away they were more willing to try them and I was surprised at how easy it was to get Elizabeth, in particular, to eat them without any fuss.

When we first introduced fajitas we made it fun for them to build their own instead of me serving their dinner for them. This is great for kids who are not really sure about trying something new as having a fun element to food makes it a lot easier to get them to try it. The other way is to get them to help to prepare the food. Nachos is a great food for this as they just need to sprinkle the cheese over the top.

There are so many different products in the Santa Maria range that you can use to cook the perfect Mexican family feast and we look forward to trying more from the range over the coming weeks to use all of the supplies we were sent.

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