Saving Sundays Week 5 

This weekend in our house there has been a lot of talking about Christmas.

It is one of the biggest expenses of the year and every year families across the country go into debt to buy their children toys and gifts they don’t need and most of the time they don’t use. My girls are in a fairly unique position in that they get to play with the newest toys all year round so getting toys for Christmas doesn’t appeal to them as much as it does to most children. This does make it difficult for us to think of brilliant presents for them though.

One thing we do every year is plan what present Santa will be bringing. I already had a fairly good idea what Elizabeth wanted as she has spoken about them so often over the last few months. She wants Barbie intercom telephone shoes. Alison wants an Ugglys dog, it is a plastic puppet that burps and farts, it is gross and she loves them.

With lots of nieces and nephews and a strict budget of £10 per child we decided to take advantage of the Argos 3 for 2 toy sale. I managed to pick up all of the younger kids presents and a few birthday presents for those between now and Christmas too. It saved me a fortune and is something I have been saving some money for after doing the same last year.

I know I could have got some of the individual items cheaper elsewhere but by getting them altogether the over all saving was much bigger.Another great Christmas bargain is the boots 3 for 2 christmas offer which is a great place to pick up adult gifts as well as toys. They do tend to sell out of some things closer to Christmas though. Luckily we don’t have any adults to buy for this year.

I do need some great ideas for gifts for the girls which are not toys but still enjoyable for them so if you have any suggestions please let me know.