What am I going to wear on holiday?

I spent yesterday going through all of my clothes to pack to go on holiday next week. I wanted to know if I needed anything and I am quite lucky that I had not packed away my summer clothes just yet.The weather should be pretty fantastic looking at the 14 day forecast with the average temperature during the day 23 degrees. Not too hot but pleasant enough. I don’t like being exposed to the sun too much so Maxi dresses, leggings and vest tops will be the staple items in my suitcase along with a few swimming costumes (I hate putting on a damp costume).

What I am lacking in is holiday shoes. I mean I need beach shoes, pool shoes, walking around resort shoes and even flying shoes. I am not a lady who normally likes shoes but my trainers and converse are not going to cut it abroad and no self respecting women would pass up such a fabulous opportunity to buy some shoes.

I was having a look at Shoetique for some ideas for the different types of shoes I might need.


Paddle in safety

Perfect Sandals for all occassions
Holidays abroad are never complete without a paddle in the sea and a pair of Crocs can protect your feet from shells and sharp rocks whilst being perfectly waterproof.

A great pair of flip flops are perfect for hanging out on the beach or by the pool and can also be used for walking around your accommodation.

A pair of black strap on sandals have many uses and can be both smart and casual depending on what you pair them with. A great essential for visiting restaurants and for everyday wear.

Last but not least some stylish summer walking shoes are perfect for visiting the tourist attractions and taking walks in the local area. They can also be worn for cycling and other sports activities.

After looking at all the fabulous holiday shoes I couldn’t help thinking about adding these gorgeous Rocket Dog boots to my basket too.


Relax on the beach or near the pool

Walking and activity shoes
It seems I am not the only blogger with holiday shoe dilemmas as Who is she and Couture girl have both had this problem too.

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