Saving money – downgrading the shopping

Knowing that it won’t be long before I no longer have a reliable steady income I decided that we need to start thinking of ways to save money. One of my biggest annoyances is that we throw food away so the first thing I did this morning was check our cupboards and freezer and worked out that we can actually have some really nice meals until 3rd May without even using all the store cupboard ingredients. 

With the few exceptions of milk, bread, ham, fruit and vegetables we shouldn’t need to do another shop between now and then. To ensure that I had bought all the other bits that we will need I went to Morrisons. I am fairly new to Morrisons as Tesco is closer but I have noticed that the produce tends to last a bit longer.  

To ensure that we save as much money as we can I have decided to downgrade our shopping wherever I can and in this case we went down to Morrisons savers if they had it or there own brand if they didn’t. I was shocked when I got to the till and the trolley full of shopping came to £56.45 and that included two packets of nappies. This is in no way a sponsored post but I was very impressed with their prices so I want to know if the quality is good too.

To let you know how I get on I will write a list of the savers items (plus prices) below and will report back next week on what I would and wouldn’t buy again.

Nappies 20 pack size 5 £1.41
Sponge scourers 5 pack 14p
Kitchen towels 3 pack £1.88
Hand wash 38p
Air freshened 29p
Facial tissues 45p
Mushrooms £1.59
Muffins 6 pack 59p
Tortilla chips 23p
Tortilla wraps 6 pack 67p
Part baked baguettes 2 pack 45p
Food bags 42p
Mozzarella 44p
Tea bags pack of 80 27p
Grated cheese £2.18
Sliced ham £1.65
Fresh Sausages 8 pack 57p
Salsa 69p
Chilli con carne sauce 52p
Mayonnaise 48p
Small 6 pack fromage frais 50p
Large 4 pack yogurt 33p
Tin of 8 hotdogs 55p
2ltr bottle of cola 17p

As you can see some of these products look to good to be true so we will have to see what they are really like. If you can think of other things that we can do to save money please do let me know as I need all the help I can get.