Lying about Birthdays

Ok this could be a post about my birthday on Wednesday and how I am turning 21 again but actually it is about Elizabeths 4th Birthday.

Me and Hubby are having a disagreement at the moment because I think we should celebrate her birthday 5 days earlier, presents and all and just ignore her real birthday.

You see there are a few reasons for this. Her Birthday is on the 18th June the day she returns to school after a two week holiday and if today was anything to go by it will not be a happy day.

She is also having her birthday party on 9th June as this is the most convenient day for us, we are off to Butlins for 5 days after that and as part of that trip we will go to a character lunch on the Wednesday where we can have balloons and a cake and basically have a really lovely day. So my view is to make this day her birthday, wake her up in the morning, sing happy birthday and give her some presents. Hubby is disagreeing and saying that we should celebrate it on her real birthday.

She wont know the difference so would you do it?