Introducing my Britmums sponsor…..

Thats a surprise isnt it?

Well it was a surprise to me when I received the email offering me sponsorship, in fact I had to read the email three times before it really sank in. The best company in the world, as far as my family are concerned, want to sponsor little old me as a thank you for all the posts I have written about them.

I am so happy as I could not think of a better company that I would want to represent and anyone who tweeted with me before the Tots 100 christmas party or met me there know that I have an unbelieveable knowledge of all things Butlins. Where to stay? What to do? Where to eat? It all comes from experience and a love of a great british institution that manages to provide us with new experiences and memories everytime we go.

The fact is that my girls are only 2 and 3 (4 in June), our first trip was for Elizabeths 2nd Birthday and we are now Gold Premier club members which means that in less than 2 years we have been 7 times and we have another 2 holidays already booked for 2012. So while we count the sleeps (70 as I write this) to our next adventure at Butlins I thought I would share with you how really perfect this partnership is.


This is a shelf in Elizabeth’s Bedroom.


Pictured – Rainbow, Dino, Darwin, 3 Billys, Jingle Jester and Sooty. Elizabeth is there somewhere too.
This is her bed.

In fact I had a walk around my house earlier and every single room in our house has something to do with Butlins in it.

Various cocktail shakers
Skyline Lunch box bottles
Skyline Mugs
Magnets on the fridge

Living room
Backpacks – Candi from Skyline gang and Billy Bear
Scrapbook full of Butlins Character photos
Billy Bear kites (in cupboard under the stairs)

Skyline Towels x 3

Alison Bedroom
Billy Bear Duvet set
Billy Bear cuddly toy
Daisy Cow cuddly toy
Dude Tshirt
Rainbow Tshirt
Rainbow resin figure
Frame with Skyline Autographs in it
Frame with a photo of Alison with the Skyline gang
Lanyard full of pin badges
2 pairs of Dude socks
1 pair of Candi socks
1 pair of Billy socks

Elizabeths Bedroom
Well you saw the photos but she also has
Rainbow tshirt
Skyline tshirt
lanyard full of pin badges
a proper medal full of pin badges
hoody she had printed in the Butlins shop that says “Pain in the Bum” on the back and “Beth” on the front.
1 pair of Bud socks
1 pair of dino socks
1 pair of Candi socks
1 pair of Billy socks
Billys Secret Dream Story Book

Our Bedroom
Now this is where I got a bit shocked because Butlins is in here too, I have a Butlins pen in my bedside drawer and I even have Butlins keyrings on my keys.

Even our Car
We have the Billy Bear and the Skyline gang cd’s in our car and they are listened to a lot in fact the whole family can sing most of the songs from memory.

Basically we live and love Butlins and I could not be prouder to represent such an amazing company.

*Everything listed above is actually in my house and in those rooms. In fact I know we have other Butlins stuff but I dont actually know what room it is in at the moment.