Saving for your dream family holiday

Having just come back from an amazing holiday in Cuba I am already looking ahead to our next family holiday. Saving for a holiday can be tricky but with these easy changes, you will really be surprised at how much you can save.

Though individually these techniques will only save you small amounts of cash here and there, it all adds up. Changing the way you live your life on an ongoing basis will save you shedloads in the long run – as the old adage goes, look after the pennies, and the pounds will do their own thing (or something like that).

Only use cash

In today’s tech-savvy world, more and more of our business interactions are happening online or through plastic credit and debit cards. Though it has obvious advantages, this can make spending money a little too convenient. Withdraw a weekly budget and stick to it.

Take a packed lunch

Heading out to work? Save yourself a packet on store-bought sandwiches, salads, and soups by making your own at home to take with you. A little effort in the morning (or the night before) can save you an alarming amount if practiced five days a week. If that sounds like too much effort, try cooking up a big batch of soup, chilli, or pasta on a Sunday evening and portioning it out lunch-sized containers. On weekday mornings, just grab and go.

Make too much food

When you plan to cook a meal, double the recipe and freeze the leftovers. Then, next time you arrive home with a rumbling stomach, a stressed head, and no time or inclination to cook, you won’t be tempted to reach for the takeaway menu.

Stick to water

Not only does cutting soft drinks and juices out of your diet offer a myriad of health benefits, but drinking strictly H2O also slashes shopping bills and reduces impulse purchases drastically. Stay hydrated and stay in the black – stick to water. If you get bored, liven it up with ice and lemon.

Brew your own coffee

I don’t expect you to cut off caffeine – I am not a savage! But an expensive latte at a coffee shop every day of the week soon adds up. Fortunately, home brewing coffee machines have come a long way since the day of the drip machine – I love my Nespresso and I have it on a great subscription deal.

Never shop on an empty stomach

Next time you’re heading off to the supermarket, make sure you aren’t accompanied by a rumbling tummy. This is a sure-fire way to guarantee you’ll fill up your basket with things you don’t really need (or even perhaps want!).

Follow these steps and you will soon be jetting off on your dream family holiday.


If you are still struggling to save money it might be time to really take a closer look at your outgoings and see if your credit repayments are preventing you from being able to afford to do the things you want to do. Why not head to CreditFix to look at ways to manage your debts.