Strictly Come Dancing the board game

Strictly Come Dancing the board game is suitable for 3 to 6 players and for players aged 8 plus. The aim of the game is to score the most votes to compete in the final dance off to win the glitterball trophy. This is a really fun game that the adults will more than likely enjoy way more than the kids and if you are up for a laugh and willing to get on your feet to show off your moves than it can be very entertaining.

The Strictly Come Dancing Board game contains a revolving glitter ball speaker, 2 sided dance floor, 6 celebrity dancer cards, 6 professional dancer cards, keep dancing, name the dance, it takes two, theme week question cards, 4 x voting paddles, 6 plastic playing pieces and a dice.

You need to separate all of the playing cards into the different categories and place them in the marked slots in the ballroom staircase.

Each player starts the game with 40 votes, a plastic dancing couple playing piece, a celebrity playing card and a professional partner playing card. You can choose to play the male or female side of the cards.

How to play

Take it in turns to move around the staircase and on to the dance floor. Depending on the space you land on depends on your next action

  • Keep Dancing means the player to your left takes a keep dancing card and reads you the question next to your dice role number. The cards contain one of three categories. Good or bad luck statements which add or deduct votes from your score. Multiple choices strictly trivia and True or False Strictly questions which add votes if answered correctly.
  • Costume change means you have to change your celebrity card. You can swap with another player or take a card that is not in play. You then perform a mini dance-off. Your die roll determines which 2 stat categories you will use, you then choose an opponent to challenge. Compare stats, the winner gets 5 votes and if a draw you get 3 votes each.
  • Roll for votes allows you to add their score to your vote total
  • It takes two means you take a card and mime the dance shown on the card to another player. If that player guesses correctly you both receive the votes on the card.
  • Theme Week. The player on your left takes a card and reads the question next to your die roll number. These questions are based on events from strictly’s movie, Blackpool, Halloween and musical weeks. The correct answer scores the votes on the card.
  • Name the Dance. The player on your left shows you a card with a silhouette on it. You choose an answer from the multiple choice answers. Correct answer wins the votes.
  • Jump to the front. Move ahead of the leading player.

Once the last player has reached the last space on the game board all subsequent dice rolls are counted as double scores. After all remaining players have reached the end space the 2 players with the most votes progress to the final. The remaining players become judges.

The final can be decided in one of two ways – a real dance or the finger cha cha cha-llenge.

The Real Dance – The celebrity card you hold tells you which dance you will perform. The above leaflet shows you how to perform the basic steps. The player with the highest score dances first. Press the corresponding button on the glitter ball to play the music. When the strictly theme finishes the player must dance for 30 seconds. After player 1 has danced then player 2 dances.  The judges vote using the voting paddles to score each dancer. Add the scores together and then press the voting paddle shaped button to hear Craig Revel Horwoods opinion of your performance. Add Craigs score for each finalist, The winner is the one with the highest overall score.

Cha Cha Cha-llenge – Turn the board over and press button 4 on the glitter ball. Using their fingers the players dance by following the numbered steps shown on the dance floor. Vote in the same way as above.