Banish your dry skin forever with these beauty tips

Dry skin looks and feels awful. It makes our makeup cakey and patchy, as well as looking unhealthy and making our complexions look dull and tired. During the colder months of the year with the harsh winds, freezing temperatures and even central heating playing a part in our skin’s condition we need to be taking extra care and adding a couple more – inexpensive – steps to our skincare routines.

If your skin falls into the dry category then you’ll need some good makeup in your arsenal. Research the best concealer for dry skin, the best foundations, and make sure you’re applying them correctly.

Unsure of where to start with the basics? Don’t worry, read on for 4 easy and inexpensive ways you can banish your dry skin forever.

Beware of your water temperature

We all love a hot shower to get us pumped and ready for the day, or a long soak in a hot bath after a particularly difficult one. But starting or finishing your day with hot water is simply setting your skin up to fail. Did you know that hot water strips the natural moisture and oils from your skin, leaving it patchy, dry and flaky? Yuk! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re wiping away condensation on your bathroom mirror after your shower or bath then it’s simply too hot. Stick to warm water and limit your time in there to 15minutes max.

No more bubbles

A bubble bath is a ritual for some. It’s a part of childhood and there’s nothing wrong with a bubble bath when you’re a grown up either. Except, all those bubbles might be stripping your skin of all its natural moisturisers and oils. Instead of something chemically, treat your skin to a more natural remedy. A soothing oatmeal soak, milk bath or bath oil will work wonders for your skin. You’ll smell great too. You can make your own – check out YouTube for some tutorials or pick one up online.


When you’re done in the shower don’t be tempted to rub yourself dry with your towel. Even if you’re in a rush! Instead, gently pat your skin dry. This will stop your skin’s natural moisture being frantically rubbed away, leaving your skin dry and sore. This is more common in guys, but we all know what it’s like when you’re running late for work. By patting your skin, you’re going to help it retain as much moisture as possible which will help with the next suggestion.

Never skip the moisturiser!

Moisturising is the most obvious way of keeping your skin smooth and supple. Every time you step out of the bath or shower you need to have it at the ready, so you can liberally apply it. A lotion, a moisturiser, a body butter or an oil – it’s never ok to skip this step.

By applying your moisturiser straight after your shower or bath you’re helping your body lock in it’s natural moisture and giving it a little boost too.