Gino D’Acampo Recipes to Try at Home

I don’t know about you but I have never baked as much as I have over the last couple of months and the great thing is my kids have been baking with me too. Luckily we didn’t even suffer from the flour shortage as I had a good stock in my baking cupboard. Finding recipe inspiration was tricky though.

Luckily you can get some great cookery books from The Works including some of Gino D’Acampo’s bestsellers as well as lots of other fabulous discount cookery books. We love cooking Gino’s recipes as they always seem very indulgent but are usually easy to make. Below are some of our favourite Gino recipes to give you some inspiration.

Neapolitan Pizza

You can not go wrong with getting the kids to make their own pizzas and I have to say I love choosing my own toppings as well. We use Gino’s Classic Margarita recipe and then shake it up however we please with whatever toppings we have available. I am a pepperoni, olive and anchovy fan!

Leek and Potato soup

If you love the classic Leek and Potato soup then you will fall in love with Gino’s creamy Leek, potato and rocket soup. It takes a fairly bland soup and makes something extravagant and yet cheap and easy to make.

Quick Pasta – Served Hot or Cold

This recipe has to be my absolute favourite (non-chocolate based) recipe. Super simple to make with refreshing summer flavours and full of vegetables. Shell pasta with peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts is as delicious hot as it is cold and would make a great picnic snack. The great thing about this type of recipe is you can actually substitute things easily based on what you have in the cupboard. Got some olives, throw them in. Got some rocket, add that too. Bit of spring onion, why not. This is something that can taste different every time you make it.

Chicken Skewers with Beans and Chickpea Salad

Perfect for the BBQ these chicken skewers are glazed in marmalade which makes a surprisingly tasty marinade. Served on a beans and chickpea salad that takes minutes to prepare this is a quick summer dinner for when you want to spend more time in the sunshine than in the kitchen.

Pear and Banana Sweet Bread

If you like banana bread then you will love Gino’s pear and banana sweet bread. He also recommends trying with mango which does sound intriguing but I haven’t had a chance yet. As with any banana bread, this can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert. The choice is yours.

So there you have it 5 great recipes from Gino D’Acampo to try at home and don’t forget for more inspiration grab his cookery books from The Works.