Let’s go diving – Animal Crossing

Ok, I will admit to being a little bit obsessed with Animal Crossing New Horizons. I think it has been my saviour during lockdown and the amount of time I have spent creating my Harry Potter inspired island, looking after my villagers and filling up my museum is a little bit scary but I love it all the same.

As much as each new month brings a raft of new bugs and fish to catch I don’t think anything has been as exciting as the opportunity to go diving. Buy yourself a swim suit from the shop or using Nook miles (although that takes an extra day) and walk to the beach or a rock and simply press A to jump in. Swimming is easy just keep pressing A and steer to move. Keep an eye out for bubbles coming to the surface and press Y to dive under the water. If the shadow is not directly underneath you just press A until you are above it and you will automatically dive down. You can’t stay underwater for long and will come to the surface to breathe if you don’t find a sea creature.

There are lots of sea creatures available to catch and these will depend on what hemisphere your game is in, what month it is and even what time of day it is, just like the bugs and fish so make sure you keep diving at all times of the day.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Pascal who will trade you scallops for recipes although this doesn’t happen every time you catch a scallop.

I am very excited to collect all of the new sea creatures and maybe even some mermaid-inspired furniture for my Prefects bathroom.

Happy Diving!