I didn’t blog yesterday, not because of any particular reason but more because there was nothing to blog about. Yesterday was a very lazy day and really there wasn’t much to report. Today we have made progress on a few things. I have been given more information about the different grants and benefits we might be entitled too and the best news of all is that Elizabeth’s new school will take Alison into the nursery earlier than planned.

Alison is a September baby so she was due to start school in January but due to the circumstances they are being really good and they are going to start to settle her in from next week. This relieves a huge amount of pressure from my shoulders as all we need to worry about now is after school care which is a lot easier to think about and afford than full time childcare.

Elizabeth is once again a bossy opinionated little madam so its good to see that her personality remains through all the stress and medication but she still hasn’t stopped eating so I think we might have to go clothes shopping soon as her pj’s wont fit her soon.

Having now had two out of four doses of chemotherapy I cant believe we are half way through the first phase of her treatment. She is still very Neutropenic which is when her body is unable to fight infection so we have stopped all visitors coming to see her for now which is a really good precaution to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Being on the ward is quite scary when you hear about the viruses and bacterial infections that other children have on here, they are all in isolation bays but when you have CPC and Flu just down the corridor it certainly makes you more paranoid about washing your hands.

Hopefully it will quieten down soon and I will be able to get some rest