Eating me out of house and home

Seriously I know a side effect of the steroids was increased hungry but this four year old girl hasn’t stopped eating.

So far in the last twenty four hours Elizabeth has eaten

1 slice toast with peanut butter
1 slice toast with spaghetti
2 packet wotsits
1 portion mash and beans
1 portion chips and beans
1 Adult sized portion of chicken curry, lentil curry and rice
1 mcdonalds cheeseburger happy meal
1 packet milky bar buttons
2 packets of Haribo
1 pint of full fat milk
1 bottle of full fat coke
and half of my crunchie

She also stole some of my chips from my happy meal and has been asking for sausages all day but I couldn’t find anywhere that sold cooked sausages.

I think she might pop if she carries on but whilst she is eating we have to give her what she wants because there will come a time in the treatment when she wont eat so the more calories she consumes now the better.

She had more chemotherapy today so that is round 2 out of the way, they say they start losing there hair and suffering symptoms after round 2 or 3 so its a case of keeping a close eye on her to see how she goes but she has taken to it quite well so far. Its amazing how scary a word Chemotherapy is, I am sure it brings up all sorts of images in your head for Elizabeth its just Orange juice feeding her wiggly. A drip full of chemicals that is all, like any other drip that she might have. She also has one of her Chemotherapy drugs as an infusion into wiggly with a syringe which is over in seconds and one as an injection but that one is only every three weeks. When she goes home she will have chemotherapy as a tablet which is just amazing. I had so many scary thoughts when I first heard she had Leukemia and needed Chemotherapy that in hindsight if I was given some practical information on how each drug was administered it would have really laid my mind at rest.

I’m hoping for another quiet night tonight as last night I slept really well with only one wake up at 6am when they came to do Elizabeth’s observations, the whole bay slept till past 8 which is basically unheard off so I doubt that will be repeated but I certainly feel better after such a good rest. Talking of which its definitely night time now so I better pull my bed out of my cupboard, put my bedding on and lay my head down for the night.

Good Night x