Productive day

Today has sped by and I was amazed to find it was bed time already. From getting up early for a CT scan to having am Echocardiogram this afternoon Elizabeth has amazed me all day. She is amazing all the nurses too as she has now been put on tablets for her medicines. Three of them have said today that she is so young they were shocked to read she took her medication in tablet form. This afternoon when her tablets came I handed her the little pot and gave her a cup of water and started stripping the bed and cleaning up. I turned round and she had taken all of her tablets all by herself.

We have now had all the results back from all the different tests they have done over the last few days and I am happy to say that everything is great. They have been performing tests because Elizabeth started breathing quickly on Saturday night. Her oxygen levels and heart rate were fine so they assumed she was getting a chest infection. She had an xray which showed a shadow on her right lung and they could hear some crackling in that lung too. She hasnt shown signs of illness so I wasnt so sure. They checked her heart which is lovely and healthy. They cultured her blood for bacteria but it came back negative, they checked her bogies for viruses but that was negative too so they decided to do a CT scan to check for a fungal infection, this too came back negative but what it did show was a surgical emphasemia (sp). Basically when they put her wiggly in they let some air in too. Elizabeth’s body is already dealing with this as the shadow is smaller and the cracking is quieter so they are happy to let her continue to recover by herself. Once again she has shown how strong she is.

We met the social worker today who will be coming back tomorrow to help sort out benefits etc and will be referring the whole family to a psychologist so that we can ensure that everyone gets the help that they need especially the girls.

Tonight I can not believe it is only a week since we got the news, so much has changed and so many good things have happened already.

Touch wood things continue in this way.