Back to School

Today Elizabeth started school. It was so good to get her up and dressed and go along to the ward school to meet up with the teachers and speak to them about what they do and what they will be teaching her. Elizabeth did a lovely painting before becoming so tired she fell asleep on my knee.

Its been a really good day today, her blood work is looking really positive with no Leukaemia cells visible in her blood now and everything starting to get back to normal. She also had her drip removed for most of today with it only going back on for certain medication which allowed us a lot more freedom. Its amazing how happy she is to just be able to go to the toilet without dragging a machine behind her.

She is starting to acquire the steroid hunger which is really good to see so I can imagine she will start getting more and more demanding as the time goes on. Tomorrow morning wont be fun though as she has to be starved from 3am so she can take some sedation at 9am to have a ct scan of her chest to ensure there is no infection in her lungs.

We had some positive information from our Macmillan nurse Sarah today as she is trying to arrange some childcare for Alison and she thinks that Elizabeth’s new school will take her into their nursery early as she was due to start there in January. This has been a huge relief so I hope to hear back on this soon. Having the Macmillan team there to take away the stress of these sort of things is really helping and hopefully I will get to meet our social worker tomorrow to sort out all the financial issues that comes with residing in the hospital.

We made a decision today to apply for an apartment in the Ronald McDonald House that is just opposite the hotel. Although we only live 10 minutes away I have still not been able to get home so I am stuck on the ward using their shared shower and kitchen. The Ronald McDonald house has separate bathrooms and then shared kitchens but with lockable fridges and cupboards, it has lots of playrooms and a huge garden. It will be nice for Alison to sleep just over the road and I hope to be able to put her to bed in an evening before coming back to sleep beside Elizabeth. It will also be nice for Elizabeth when she can leave the ward to go over for a play with Alison in one of the many playrooms or just to sit outside in the garden in the sun.

Its a week tomorrow since I found out that Elizabeth has cancer and although our world and lives fell apart they are quickly coming back together again even if it is in a different way.