Peanut butter on Sausage roll

One of the side effects of the steroids that Elizabeth is taking is an increase in appetite which is a really good thing to see. She has started to tuck into hospital food as well as asking for daddy to bring in specific food substances. Nothing could have quite prepared me for her breakfast request.

Peanut Butter on a Sausage Roll. A Greggs hot sausage roll to be exact and she sent me on my merry way to go and buy said breakfast. Now I am not allowed to go to the cafe downstairs or even go to make a cup of coffee most of the time but if she wants something she is quite happy for me to move heaven and earth to get it for her and to be honest I am happy to do it too. I did feel quite sick as I spread the peanut butter over the steaming hot sausage roll and it started melting down the sides. Elizabeth tucked in and seemed to really enjoy it, half way through she turns to me and say “mummy, this tastes better than I expected”. She did offer to share it but I wasn’t very hungry by that point.

We baked cakes at the ward school today which was really good and I have been given more information about benefits and grants that we can apply for. Elizabeth has started to get upset today about losing her hair, we have a young girl in our bay who doesn’t have any hair and she keeps looking over at her. She said today that she doesn’t want to lose her hair so I asked if she would like lots of hats or a wig. She said she would like a wig but not a knotty one. I went onto google and I was soon speaking to an organisation called the Little Princesses Trust that provides real hair wigs to boys and girls who lose their hair. They have kindly offered to provide a wig to Elizabeth and they will come to the hospital to show her wigs to choose from and then they will make and style one for her. They aim to have the wigs done before the children lose their hair so that the children can feel comfort from it straight away. Knowing that my gorgeous girl will still be able to have hair is amazing and the fact that they do this at no cost to us just blew me away. I will write more about them in a week or so and share our experience of getting a wig.

I think I am beginning to feel the affects of 8 nights of sleeping in a hospital as I was very tired today and almost had a nap in my chair but the caffeine is seeing me through.

Elizabeth has more Chemotherapy tomorrow and more than likely another blood transfusion as her Haemoglobin levels are dropping again which is all perfectly normal so it should be a relaxing dvd day snuggled up on her bed which should help recharge my batteries.

Everything is going really well and the doctors couldnt be happier with Elizabeth’s progress which means I am able to relax a lot more and now the drips and the monitors are gone I hope to finally get a good nights sleep.

Good Night all x