Pressure washers: Not just for decks anymore

Katie Gardiner is a DIY homeowner. Whether she’s designing a great patio or sharing tips on deep cleaning, she loves blogging about taking care of your home yourself as much as possible.

  As someone who takes pride in a job well done, you already know that your pressure washer can make light work of cleaning your patio, but have you considered all the extra jobs you could also get to grips with?

Everyday jobs made easier

If you wanted to ask the question, what jobs can I tackle using the extra cleaning power I get from my pressure washer?

The answer is just about anything you can think of, that needs a thorough clean using a washer that is as versatile and effective as a well-known brand like karcher. With your pressure washer in hand you can really set to work on making your home stand out in the neighbourhood and take pride in a job well done.

Power wash your soffits

The guttering and soffits around your home are there to protect your property from the rain that falls on the roof, but this means that they also like to collect dirt and debris along the way.

Provided you can access the area safely, you can use your pressure washer for some very effective results in cleaning away the dirt and getting rid of any dirt that might have built up in the guttering.

Take care to aim away from any points where the pressurised water might get into the roof and for a thorough clean and best results, keep the pressure nozzle about 2 feet away from the surface of the soffit.

Spring-clean your lawnmower

We all love to see a perfectly mowed lawn and the lawn and you can actually use your pressure- washer to help you keep your cutter in good order.

Next time you get the lawnmower out to tackle the garden, before you put it back in the shed, why not use your pressure washer to get rid of the excess grass cuttings and debris that gather around the housing where the blade is.

Make sure your mower is turned off or unplugged of course, then flip it over on its side so that the underneath is exposed. Set your pressure washer to work and watch all the grass that has gathered around the blade housing, fall away.

Not only will you have a sparkling clean lawnmower, the blades maybe won’t have to work so hard next time you tackle the lawn.

Perfect weather for a BBQ

When the sun does decide to shine, you want to be able to get your apron on at a moment’s notice and call your BBQ into action.

Your pressure washer will have your BBQ sorted and ready to tackle those sausages and steaks in next to no time at all.

When you have friends, family or neighbours around to enjoy your al-fresco cooking you want that BBQ to look sparkling and it is a simple job to clean if you use a pressure-washer, so here are a few tips on how to get it clean with the minimum of fuss.

Take out the grill grates and wash them separately. Use a degreaser and give it time to work, then pressure wash the complete grill.

With a bit of luck, you will get compliments about your cooking as well as how clean your BBQ looks.