The day we got a Ferrari

If your kids are anything like mine then as soon as you step into a toy store they head straight for the big electric cars and start driving up and down the aisles.

They were both absolutely thrilled when we received the Ferrari FF through the post and after they sat there very impatiently whilst I tried to work out how to put it together (our instructions were missing!) and then waiting for it to charge using the plug included. We were finally able to take it outside and put it to the test.

The Ferrari FF is a one seater car with a simple gear stick which selects forwards and backwards and a pedal on the floor that makes it move. I am really impressed with how long the motor holds its charge and despite the girls playing with it a lot we have still only had to charge it the once.

The steering is really light and it seems to handle well and it wasn’t long before the girls got the hang of a three point (ok maybe ten point) turn.

It is very sturdy, not as heavy as you would think and is great for indoor and outdoor use. Gaming Daddy of Two has wanted to take it on the school run but I don’t really think he thought it through as getting it home again afterwards might be a bit of a pain. However it would look pretty cool pulling up into the playground in one of these. Obviously it is not everyday that a girls gets to drive to school in a Ferrari.

The Feber Ferrari FF is suitable from 3 years old and as you can see it fits Elizabeth who is 6 although it is a bit small for her so I would say for three to five year olds. Alison below fits in it nicely and she is five. The recommended retail price is £179.99 and you could win one in my Tired Mummy of Two’s Xmas Tombola which is running at the moment.