30 Days of Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here, the leaves have changed colour and the rain has started. I was beginning to feel that we didnt live in Manchester anymore as the lack of rain these last few months was very out of character for the city.

As the weather has turned it is time for us to pack away the suncream, grab our wellys, raincoats and gloves and head out into my favourite season of the year. I love Autumn for many reasons but the smell of the forest in Autumn is one of my favourites.I have teamed up with the lovely people over at Forest Holidays who are putting together a
list of 30 different autumn activities which we can enjoy. They have asked me to think of three that I do with my girls and I had to try to reduce my list to just three.

1) Feeding the squirrels

Heading to our local country park with a bag of monkey nuts is one of our favourite Autumn activities. The Squirrels are really friendly and are happy to take the nuts from your hands and the girls love it. I also feel good about it as we are helping them store the nuts for the long winter.

Photo courtesy of Boo, Roo and Tigger Too

2) Family walks

Heading out as a family all wrapped up warm to look at the nature and the tree colours is a great activity to do and one that is perfect on the dry yet chilly days. We spend this time collecting leaves, conkers and other bits of nature to create pictures or to add to the seasons table at school.

3) Pumpkin carving

Autumn is not complete without a bit of pumpkin carving and we don’t leave these until Halloween. We love carving pumpkins as a family and then roasting the seeds for snacks and using the flesh in curries or soups.

The list goes on with Den building, puddle splashing and tree climbing amongst our favourite activities. You can check out the Forest Holidays 30 days of Autumn page where my activities and those of nine other bloggers will be shared with you all.