One small thought, one big change

Ever have a small thought, just one tinsy tiny little idea, it starts as a little change but then it grows, it gets bigger, it gets more real and then you realise that small thought can change your life.If you followed me on twitter today you might have an idea of what I am talking about, I am going to become a childminder. I thought about it when I was a stay at home mum and at the time it wouldnt have worked as I didnt have my license or the time to study. One of the mums at school mentioned she couldnt find a childminder last week and I have also been unable to find a childminder willing to collect Elizabeth from her school.  Elizabeth is 3 years old which means she takes up on of the under five places, I can understand not wanting to lose out on a full time place just for an after school contract.

So I have contacted my local authority and have received the date for the pre-registration briefing session. I am hoping to be fully registered and set up as soon as I can and then I will become an after school only childminder, in the mean time I am going to start looking after a set of triplets for 1.5 hours every day after school for a reduced rate. This will enable me to get the practice of planning and observations whilst still being within the legal limit of less than 2 hours a day.

Just need to have a think about a name for my business now. Feel free to make some suggestions.

Here are a few I like

Laugh and Learn
Happy House
Your home from home

Let me know if you have any ideas and wish me luck as I start on the journey to change our lives