My reasons to be Cheerful

As a new year comes in you start to think about what changes you can make and by doing that you think about all the bad things that happened in the last year and how you can change them. This got me thinking why do we only look at the bad stuff, last year was amazing for me and my family. We went to Butlins four times, I started a new job and gave up being a stay at home mum, Elizabeth started school, Alison started talking, I passed my driving test and in general we had an brilliant year. So as we are now week into the new year I would like to write which 3 things I am truly grateful for from 2011.
1) We never had to struggle for money, there were times when it was tight and we had to watch every penny but that was because we wanted the good things in life not because we couldn’t afford to eat.
2) We have two amazing and polite young girls who are complimented all the time and although they have the occassional temper tantrum they are fairly well behaved.
3) I am grateful for my job and the understanding of my boss, I am grateful for the ability to collect Elizabeth from school every day.

I thought I would ask Hubby what his reasons to be cheerful for 2011 were and he responded with these

1) Moving into our house in May although it is rented it is a new build on a great estate with a driveway and a garden and it makes every day that little bit nicer.
2) Going on family holidays, we always go to Butlins and the close family time is always special as we don’t get it very often
3) was grateful for the extra bank holiday last year, it made April a really good month.