I dont do things by half

Those who know me will know that I am a little crazy.Those who dont will soon realise that this is the case.Today I listened to my first every Couch to 5k podcast and then I booked to run the Great Manchester Run. See I told you I am crazy.The run is on 20th May and it is 10k, so I have 17 weeks to go from couch to 10k.

I am not just doing this to lose weight and get fit although that is a bonus, I am doing this to raise money for Bliss, the special care baby charity. I visited my sister in law today in hospital and to see all the tiny babies in their incubators and the NICU itself made me realise that Bliss do some wonderful work.

To show my support I will be training my arse off and also raising money and hounding you all until you sponsor me so why not do it quick so you can happily know that you have helped an amazing cause and spurred me on to train even harder so I dont let you down.