Oh christmas tree oh christmas tree how horrid are your branches

Yesterday was supposed to be one of those days that goes down in family memories as a great day, yesterday we went to choose our christmas tree.

We headed to a garden centre that has a miniature railway, a paint some pottery shed and a santas grotto. We wanted it to be a great day out. First my phone battery died so actually there are no photos of the day apart from these two.

So we went to paint some pottery, 4 christmas tree decorations and a christmas present later and I was £50 worse off. The girls had lots of fun and I will post a picture of the christmas tree decorations later when we go to pick them up.

We went on the train and paid to go and see santa in his workshop (£14 in total) the girls actually got great presents from him but unfortunately they didnt like santa and wouldnt talk to him (he was a bit creepy).

We finally went to look at trees, £50 for a cut tree I dont think so, I dont like the idea of cut trees as why kill a tree just for Christmas so I was really after a rooted one. Unfortunately, the only rooted ones they had were tiny (Elizabeth was taller than they were) and they were still £30. So hubby decided he would be happy with a plastic one.

A quick trip to Wilkinsons to get a plastic tree and I found a real (potted) one that is about 7 foot tall for £19 which was a real bargain as it was cheaper than the plastic ones.

Elizabeth and I have spent a long time buying individual decorations this year because she wanted a rainbow tree so we put them all on our tree. Unfortunately, I have a slight problem with the tree, you see firstly it prickled me and has made me itch like mad since it arrived in my house and secondly it is not symmetrical and this just doesn’t sit right in my mathematical mind. I want my trees to look the right way and to me, this just looks wrong.

I think it is because I have never had a real tree before and maybe it needs to settle so it doesnt look so much like a football with a spike on the top but I am just not loving the tree.

Oh well, it’s here now and maybe it will grow on me.

Have you ever had a real tree?
Is there something I am missing?

and how do I care for the bloody thing because as much as I don’t like it I don’t want it to die.