Christmas will you just hurry up and get here

This year I was really organised, in fact I have now decided I was too organised. Yes it was cheaper to pick things up during the year as things were cheap but I have yet to feel any real christmas cheer. I dont have any more presents to buy either so I cant see me doing any christmas shopping in the rush, I usually hate it anyway so why do I feel as though I am missing something this year. I have also yet to hear a christmas sing being played in a shop, I am even considering putting a christmas carol album on my spotify to see if that will help.

You know, Christmas has been talked about for so long already that I just wish it would hurry up and get here. Even with Elizabeth getting very excited and our very own christmas elfs coming to stay for the month of december I am still struggling to get in the spirit of things. Talking about christmas elfs I hope they arrive soon, I have explained to Elizabeth that Santa sends an elf to the little girls and boys to ensure that they are being good in the run up to christmas and that her elf will keep watch over her and report back to Santa when we visit him (on Christmas Eve at the Trafford Centre at 6pm, I am already regretting that decision the traffic is going to be horrendous). I hope it will work and that the elf will ensure I have a little angel for the month of december, it will be worth the £20 I spent on the 2 elfs if it works.

Anyway one of the reasons I am not feeling particularly christmassy is that hubby wants a real tree, a real pain in the arse is what I think. We wont even be able to buy it until after the Tots100 Christmas party and even then we are working all week so I cant imagine when or how we are going to get one.

So at the moment I have an airing cupboard full of presents that is now too full to actually store any towels in and a bedroom with a huge pile of towels in it. Online shopping is a blessing as you can search for the cheapest price but is anyone else feeling the lack of “christmas spirit”? Is online shopping removing the happiness from searching for the right gift? Is it taking the personal touch out of it?