You better watch out….

You know the tune so sing along 🙂

“Butlins better watch out
Sam, please dont cry
Kirk, please dont shout
Im telling you why
Tots 100 are coming to town

Sally’s checking her list
Shes checking it twice
We fill the gap wth Actuallymummy whos nice
Tots 100 are coming to town

some are coming with their families
and some even come alone
We fight over the christmas trees
and take photos with our phone

Oh, Butlins please watch out
Sam, please dont cry
Kirk, please dont shout
Im telling you why
Tots 100 are coming to town”

Well as you guessed it we were at the Tots 100 Xmas Party, I say we, but really I was there whilst hubby entertained the kids which was great.

I was a little apprehensive as this was my first blogging event but I was also very excited to meet the one and only Mammasaurus and I was right in thinking that we would get along and we had a very merry old time (about 12 hours in total). We met at 2pm on Saturday afternoon and said goodbye at 2am on Sunday morning, it was a fun 12 hours and I cant wait to meet up again. Next time however I think we should try and find somewhere that had less freaks and no I dont mean my fellow bloggers.

I am going to write this backwards because no-one ever does that and believe me I would hate for you to get bored and miss all the juicy bits.


2am Sunday morning
This is Paul, he was all alone, me and Mammasaurus felt sorry for him so asked him to join us, umm sorry for that Mammasaurus. You see Paul wanted some DinoHumping and ActuallyMummy started shooing him away when he tried to go back to their room.


1am Sunday morning
I may have called these young men paedophiles, not seriously but in a why are you young men in a bar in butlins you either have kids or are paedophiles kind of way. However the one with his back to the camera was very strange below is the top three funny thing this man said to us both in the short 10 minutes we were taking to him

1) If you looked like this wouldnt you be embarassed by him
2) If you were an air marshall where would you keep your gun
and our favourite by far
3) This is the box and this is me outside of the box


12:30am Sunday morning

We say goodnight to the lovely Romanian Mum and the naughty Snuggle bubby who led us all astray with the stage dancing.


12pm Saturday evening
Mammasaurus has a dwarf on her shoulder. The dwarf was one of the highlights of the evening, between chatting up young blonde girls with long legs and blocking Mammasaurus’ path with his hands on his hips but nothing beats his entrance when he walked in with a taller man in exactly the same clothes.
I am sorry to say that by this point in the night it was enough to have me in hysterics which is really bad as I am normally such a PC person having earlier in the night told Mammasaurus to stop being rude when she commented on the bad dancers (who were special needs, not that she knew that at the time).

We had Old people in christmas costumes (check out Mummy Mishaps for a picture although it is blurry it is better than mine) 2 blokes in turquoise shell suits dressed as scousers, a group of chinese people who I am sure didnt move all night and well us and surely we must have been the strangest people there.

11pm Saturday evening
We are all alone, well I say that but there was 7 of us still at Jaks at this point (apart from @1978rebecca these were all members of the A Team, obviously THE team to be on)

Actually Mummy (@actuallymummy)
New Mum Online (@newmumonline)
Romanian mum (@romanianmum)
Snugglebubby (@snuggle_bubby)
Here come the girls (@1978Rebecca)
Mammasaurus (@mammasaurusblog)
and me (@tiredmummyoftwo)

We have been referred to as the hardcore group but I dont really think any of us were that drunk just having a good time and a great laugh, those of us with kids also had our significant others there looking after our kids so we were able to relax.

Talking of Other Halfs, did you know @RomanianMum’s hubby looks like a young Bruce Willis? this was definitely a highlight of the conversation and after showing photos of all the hubbys it was by a fairly unanimous decision that we agreed she had the hottest husband (Or Smoking as Mammasaurus liked to say)

Anyway this is the part where I introduce Kirk. Unlike Sam who you can about read over on all about the boys Kirk was a very happy security man, unfortunately he was also very strict and he spoilt our fun. @1978Rebecca has THE photo as I was one of the naughty ones being escorted of the stage. We walked off in shame at being told of like little school girls but then when we looked at the picture we noticed something. This Kirk could give Romanian mums hubby a run for the money. Butlins if you ever want to do a calendar for us mums make sure you include him (Oh and Dude but hey thats just my opinion)

10pm Saturday evening

As we finish up our meal at Turners (and what a meal I might add, I was stuffed and it was all lovely, however like most of the bloggers there I thought the figs, apricots and pear could have been replaced with a nice bit of christmas pud or chocolate cake, gorgeous ice cream though) all the Bloggers split up and head for the hotel bar or Jaks the late night party venue.

7pm Saturday evening

We meet in Bar Rosso for a Very Berry Christmas Cocktail


It looked pretty enough but I wasnt keen and preferred to stay on the beer, Mammasaurus however was very happy to accept an extra cocktail.

Once again I managed to surround myself with Team A without realising it.

I wasnt really impressed with the content of that one and found this to be much better (Photos courtesy of Romanian Mum)
I could go on but you know what you can read about tree decorating and socialising in a more refined way else where but here are a few snapshots that I would like to include.
One last thing that I would like to add is that I absolutely loved putting faces to names and being able to have a chat or even just say hello to some wonderful bloggers and tweeters who I have been following for a while so as I call your name just step forward and take a bow

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