New Year New Carpets?

After my long week at the Toy Fair last week I came home absolutely exhausted and the first words out of Hubby’s mouth as I crossed the threshold of the front door was “take your shoes off!”

Lovely! We have never had a strict no shoes rule in our house although we do tend to take them off within a few minutes of being inside. It seems that the rules have changed whilst I have been away and the reason for that was sat in my hall way.

A few weeks ago I looked at our carpets in utter dismay as the toll of Christmas and visitors plus a wet and muddy winter was evident to the naked eye. Our once beige/light brown carpets had marks showing the footfall from back door to front. Marks more evident by the fact that I wanted to move the sofas to fit in our new charity shop purchase.

It is time for another one of my New Year New You posts and this time it is all about New Year cleaning. I know a lot of people go on about spring cleaning but after the influx of presents at Christmas something needed to be done so decluttering and giving the house a good clean was in order.

After many bags were sent to the charity shop and all the rooms had been wiped from top to bottom it was just the carpets that irked me. I hate dirty carpets and this is where Rug Doctor came to our rescue again.

A rug doctor is one of those machines that I never quite trusted until I tried it. A carpet cleaner that you rent for one or two days for a set amount of money just seems too good to be true. The solutions do cost a lot more than on the shelf products but they are fantastic and you only need to go over the carpet once. I have never found a domestic carpet cleaning solution that works anywhere near as well. To get the same results you would need to hire professional carpet cleaners and it would cost a lot to do that.

I love our lovely clean carpets(and the fact I didnt do it!), they may not be new but they certainly look it and next time I won’t leave it quite so long before I do it again. 
Thank you Rug Doctor!

I had no idea they were quite this filthy!