Bloggers Bad Habits

We have all seen those pictures where the owner shames their pet about their bad habits well it seems that we all have bad habits too and the pets, kids and even cuddly toys are willing to tell our darkest secrets!
Ok so it is only fair that I succumb to embarrassment via pet. It is true that unless I have to get dressed I can usually be found in my pyjamas when the kids come home from school.
It seems I am not the only one who loves her pyjamas but atleast mine stay firmly indoors. Aly from Plus 2.4 doesn’t have any pets but her kids were well up for spilling the beans.
I am also guilty of hiding from the window cleaner although the postman usually has good things for me so I spend most of my time watching for him rather than avoiding him. Mummy Never Sleeps also hides from the gas man. 
It seems that Angie from Cakes, photos, Life has a spy in her house and he is watching her closely.

I couldn’t help finishing on this one. It seems that Alice from My life, my son, my way got herself into trouble when trying to convince her hubby that they should get another kitten.
I think he is cuter than a kitten any day!

What bad habits have your cats been spying on?