Changing lives with child sponsorship

Child sponsorship is a gift. Not only does it enrich the life of the child that has been sponsored, but also their family’s lives and their entire community. Charities all over the UK use child sponsorship schemes to help change the lives of children worldwide. By becoming involved, donors will gain a unique insight into the life of a child in a developing country, and over time will be able to watch your sponsored child benefit from compassion and kindness.

When a donor signs up for child sponsorship, they will be given the choice of sponsoring either a boy or a girl. They will receive a profile of the sponsored child as well as photos of them and their family. The money that is donated will not only go towards helping the sponsored child, but it will be used to fund projects within the community – projects that can help local people break the cycle of poverty in their community, be it through agricultural training, renovating wells for clean water, building and restoring schools or providing immunisations.

Charities such as Plan UK allow donors to establish a connection with the child they have sponsored as well as letting them see the benefits of your sponsorship through letters, photos and reports from the sponsored child and charity. By writing to their sponsored child, the donor will also improve their literacy skills and let them know that someone they have never met who lives miles away cares about what they are doing. This kind of motivation and inspiration can help children in their own aspirations. A donor will also receive guidance on writing to their sponsored child as well as writing materials.

Just knowing that someone else cares about their fate and is sending some of their hard-earned cash to help them improve their lives means a great deal to these children and their families. For the minimal cost of 50 pence a day, a donor could help change a child’s life forever.

Child sponsorship is never about hand-outs. The vision is to help the community to take ownership of these charity projects so they can help themselves out of poverty and become stronger as a community. This will not only benefit their children, but also future generations.

The children in the community are involved in deciding, planning and carrying out these projects, so a donor will be able to see their sponsored child benefit directly from their contribution. Donors can also rest assured that their money is going where it is needed, as at least 80 pence of every contributed pound goes towards each individual charity’s development work for children and their community

Sponsoring a child means that child is more likely to survive in to adulthood, be free of disease and be educated. You can help change a child’s life today, so please consider how you can become involved with child sponsorship. Visit Plan UK today.