New Arrivals

Ok so they aren’t the kittens the girls were pictured with a few weeks ago but they have the same names.

As I write this Poppet is laying on my legs and Katsuma is trying to see how high up the curtains he can climb. The kittens moved in with us yesterday and already we have had so much enjoyment from them.

Its been so long since I had a kitten that I forgot how funny they are to watch. Yesterday we had a good ten minutes of hilarity when Katsuma had some Sellotape stuck to his paw and earlier today he decided to investigate my fingers whilst I was typing as he thought i was playing a game with him.



A gorgeous grey long hair fluff ball that reminds us of a previous cat we owned. He is laid back and chilled out making him a perfect companion for Alison. He can however be a little bit mischievous and he loves jumping out and fighting with his sister.



Poppet is the new lady of the house and she lives you to know she is there. With her tiny squeak of a miaow she tells you everything she is doing. She can be a bit shy but soon warms to you if you allow her to take her time. In fact she is just like Elizabeth and makes a perfect pet for her. She sticks up for herself against her brother and isn’t adverse to giving him a quick smack over the head when he is annoying her too much.

So there you have it two lovely new additions to our family who have blended straight in. I cant wait to do some Lol Catz photos with them now.