Continuing my project

Back in March I wrote a post about a project that I was working on to change our garden from a play area for under three’s from when I was childminding to a family garden full of fun and relaxing spaces.

I decided in the end to purchase a swing seat which is still sat in its box due to the poor weather.

The sun was shining earlier this week though so I planted our flower bed with the Miracle-Gro I was sent to review and I got to work clearing the garden. I have removed and rehomed all of the toys and play equipment that was too small for the girls and that really just leaves us with our trampoline.

I have been offered a fabulous swing set to review which I know the girls will love but I am looking for some sort of climbing frame/slide set. I am saving up all the money I earn writing paid posts like this one to sort the garden out as I know that we will be spending a lot of the summer in the local area and I really don’t like the local parks as they can be a bit dangerous with broken glass on the floor and the majority of the equipment keeps getting damaged.

My main problem is that there are just so many to choose from. I love the look of both of these climbing frames from and I know the girls would enjoy both of them and there isn’t that much difference in the price. I think if I got the first one I may lose a large portion of my garden though and I am already getting a swing.


I have also fallen in love with this play house. It has stairs and a slide and is high enough of the floor that hopefully there wont be too many spiders inside and I can even store stuff underneath it. I always wanted a really fancy play house like this one and it is cheaper than the others.

Which one would you choose?